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Carol Wellington

Carol Wellington

(pictured behind
Johnnie Rouse)

Carol Wellington was 15 years old when she and six others integrated Norview High School. Her sister Claudia attended Norview Junior High School.

Until 2009, her experiences had not been recorded through the news media or other interviews. She participated in many of the 50th anniversary events and shared some of her recollections in WHRO's "The Norfolk 17: Their Story." She recalled her 2 years at Norview High School as being alone, isolated, unable to participate in school social activities. But, she says, it made her a stronger individual. See Pilot Online article "In visit, members of Norfolk 17 treated as heroes" (Debbie Messina, Jan. 31, 2009) for a photo of Carol and information about a Norview High School program.

After high school, Carol continued her education at University of California and City University of New York, and settled in Homewood, Illinois.