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Alveraze Frederick Gonsouland

Alveraze Frederick Gonsouland

Freddy Gonsouland integrated Norview High School with six other black children, while his brother Eddie Jordan attended Norview Middle School.

In an email, he said that he has tried to put the experience behind him, but he understands that it is valuable for people to know what happened during Norfolk's desegregation crisis.

We can learn a bit about Freddy through the recollections of classmate, Andrew Heidelberg. In Andrew's memoir, The Norfolk 17: A Personal Narrative on Desegregation in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1958-1962, he recalls how Freddy helped him get through the first day. Freddy was not as terrified as Andrew, and his presence made Andrew feel safe on that walk to school.

After one semester, Freddy petitioned the school to return to the all-black Booker T. Washington High School. After high school, he graduated from Norfolk State University and worked as a partner in a commercial real estate brokerage firm until his retirement.

Gonsouland lives in Maryland, and he attended some of the 50th anniversary events in 2009. See an article about a visit Mr. Gonsouland made to Mt. Hebron High School where his son teaches: Norfolk 17 Member Shares Meaningful Experience  (by Josh Mendez, April 14, 2015).