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Norfolk Division of the College of William & Mary (now, the "brick field") Hampton Blvd. and Bolling Ave., corner Originally Larchmont School, built in 1912; purchased March 13, 1930; classes began September 1930; razed in 1975  
Administration Building; Old Administration Building; Rollins Hall (1996) Hampton Blvd. between Bolling Ave. and 49th St. Built in 1935 (May 31); opened in September 1936 Alfred B. Rollins was ODU President from 1976-85
Foreman Field (football stadium) Behind Admin. Bldg. on Bluestone Ave. between Bolling Ave. and 49th St. Dedicated October 3, 1936 A.H. Foreman was Norfolk School Board Chairman and early founder of Norfolk Division
"Tar paper shack" classrooms (8) Hampton Blvd., north east end of Foreman Field 8 shacks purchased from Naval Operating Base; 2 shacks destroyed by fire in May 1955; the rest were razed  
Technical Institute Military-style barracks, on Hampton Blvd. southeast of Foreman Field Donated by FWA in 1947; demolished in 1961; Technical Institute moved to east side of campus on Hampton Blvd.  
Science Building; College of Health Sciences; Spong Hall (1996) Hampton Blvd. and Bolling Ave., south corner, adjacent to Admin. Bldg. Completed in 1955 with rear wing holding snack bar (Bud's Place), bookshop, and cafeteria William B. Spong, Jr. was ODU president 1989-90, and U.S. Senator
Academic Building; later Division of Business Administration, then Social Studies Building Military-style barracks on Hampton Blvd. east of Foreman Field, adjacent to first Technical Institute Donated by FWA in 1947; opened in 1948 as Academic Building; razed in 1971  
Hughes Library; later Hughes Hall, then Dragas Hall (2008) Corner of 49th St. and Hampton Blvd. Opened in 1958; renamed Hughes Hall in 1976 after a new University Library was constructed; renamed Dragas Hall in 2008 after former Rector George Dragas Robert Morton Hughes was an early founder of Norfolk Division; George Dragas was Rector of Old Dominion University
Technical Institute; Technology Building; College of Health Sciences (2006) Eastside of campus on Hampton Blvd. between 46th and 47th St. Opened in 1958 to house the Technical Institute; Technical Institute programs were absorbed gradually into other programs or discontinued; dedicated September 1, 1968 as the Technology Building - renovations in 1968 added the University Theatre; redesigned in 2005 for the College of Health Sciences  
Fine Arts Building; became the Visual Arts Building in 1991 49th St., adjacent to Hughes Library In 1982, included the Elise N. Hofheimer Art Library; extensive renovations in 1991; renamed Visual Arts Building  
Chandler Memorial Hall; later remodeled and named Constant Hall 49th St., adjacent to Fine Arts Bldg Opened in February 1963; dedicated in May 1963; renamed Constant Hall in 1995; renovation and expansion completed in 2002 J.A.C. Chandler was president of College of William & Mary, 1919-1934; Theodore "Ted" Constant was an ODU supporter
Kaufman Engineering Hall; Kaufman Hall Southside of the Mall Opened in 1963; renovated and connected to Duckworth Memorial Hall in 1984; renovated again in 1990s Charles L. Kaufman was a member of Advisory Board and ODU supporter
"Fink's Flats" (School of Education); Department of Political Science from 1969-1981 Hampton Blvd. and 49th St. corner Building razed in 1981; Public Safety building opened on that spot in 1984 T. Ross Fink was first dean of the School of Education in 1963
The "Stables" 47th St., east of Hampton Blvd., behind Technical Institute Originally built in 1916 as a horse stable for the Norfolk Light Infantry Blues polo team; acquired from the National Guard in 1965 to serve as theater; modernized in 1976.  
Webb Center West side of Kaufman Mall Opened May 1966; expanded 1991-93 Lewis W. Webb, Jr. was with ODU from 1932-69 as Director of the Norfolk Division and President of Old Dominion College
Alfriend Chemistry Building West side of campus between Webb Centerand Mills Godwin Building Dedicated in July 1967 John S. Alfriend was a member of the Advisory Board 1947-62; member of Educational Foundation 1962-74
Child Study Center; Lions Club Child Study Center (1993) Corner of Hampton Blvd. and 45th St. Dedicated March 23, 1967; expanded in 1993 with a grant from Lions Club Lions Club, an international charitable foundation
Technology Building (see 1958 Technical Institute)
Pretlow Planetarium Adjacent to Alfriend Chemistry Building Opened in 1967 Mary Denson Pretlow was a Norfolk librarian who died in 1947
Darden School of Education Southeast side of the Mall on Hampton Blvd. Opened Fall 1969 Colgate W. Darden, Jr. was a former congressman, governor, and ODU supporter
Field House (Health and Physical Education Building) Powhattan Ave. and W. 48th St. Opened Fall 1970; demolished in 2006 to make way for a new student recreation center  
Duckworth Memorial Hall (School of Engineering) Southside of the Mall near Webb Center, adjacent to Kaufman Mall Completed October 6, 1971; renovated and connected to Kaufman Hall to become Duckworth-Kaufman Hall; later the Duckworth name was dropped William Frederick Duckworth, former of Mayor of Norfolk
Arts and Letters Building; Batten Arts and Letters Building (1976) Corner of Hampton Blvd. and 45th St. Completed June 1, 1972; renovated 2007-2008 Frank Batten, member of the Advisory Board and Board of Visitors 1955-73; first rector of the Board of Visitors 1962-70
New Administration Building (former site of Social Studies Building); Koch Hall (1999) Hampton Blvd., in front of Foreman Field Opened in 1972; renamed Koch Hall in 1999 James V. Koch and Donna Koch, President and First Lady of ODU from 1990-2001
Webb  Center Plaza with "Fountain of Organized Labor" In front of Webb Center
Dedicated April 24, 1976; Monarch lion statue was added in the 1990s and dedicated on Founder's Day 1997
Greater Tidewater Virginia Central Labor Council AFL-CIO
Kaufman Mall Open area in front of Webb Center (east) on the southside of campus extending to Hampton Blvd. Dedicated in April 1976, but not completed until late 1970s Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kaufman, ODU supporters and donors
University Library; Perry Library (1999) South side of campus, between 45th and 43rd St. east of Godwin Life Sciences Building opened May 17, 1976; renovated and expanded 1998 Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry were supporters of ODU; Patricia was alumna and member of Board of Visitors
Godwin Life Sciences Building Southwest side of campus adjacent to Alfiend Chemistry Building Opened January 1981 Mills E. Godwin, alumnus and former governor
Public Safety Building; renovated to become Alumni Center Hampton Blvd. and 49th St. Construction began in 1981; opened February 1984; Campus Police relocated to the University Village in 2003; Barry M. Kornblau Alumni Center opened February 2004 Barry M. Kornblau was a former ODU student 1970s
Fine & Performing Arts Building; Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Center Corner of Elkhorn Ave. and 49th St. Construction began in 1988; completed in 1991; in 1993 renamed for F. Ludwig Diehn F. Ludwig Diehn was a composer, Norfolk resident, and ODU donor
Rollins Hall (see 1936 Administration Building)
Spong Hall (see 1948 Science Building)
Oceanography & Physics Building Elkhorn Ave. [and what was 46th St.] Construction 1995-1997; opened in 1997  
Diehn Composers Room Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Building Addition to Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Building F. Ludwig Diehn (above)
Gornto TELETECHNET Building Between University Library and Batten Arts & Letters Building Construction 1997-1999; dedicated in June 19, 1999 Albert Brooks Gornto was an ODU alumnus, member of Board of Visitors, and ODU donor
  Constant Hall (renovation of Chandler Hall) for Business College (see 1959 Chandler Memorial Hall)
  Constant Convocation Center (the "Ted") Hampton Blvd. (east side) between 43rd and 45th St. Opened in 2002 Theodore "Ted" Constant was an ODU supporter
  University Village East side of campus across Hampton Blvd. , behind "the Ted"    
  Barry M. Kornblau Alumni Center (see 1984 Public Safety Building)
  Engineering and Computational Sciences Building Elkhorn Ave. between the Oceanography Building and Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Building Dedicated in 2004  
  ETC (to be continued)